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The P.O.M.G. is distinctly Christian in nature. It is ecumenical and shall not impose a specific denominational theology or dogma upon its members. The Order is completely autonomous from any and all ecclesiastical, as well as civil, authority.
The Order shall not under any circumstances, discriminate against any individual on the basis of gender, race, colour, nationality or denomination.

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Membership in the Order however, is reserved to those who profess the Christian faith, be they Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant.
The P.O.M.G is also a 'working' Order of Knighthood. That is, all Knights and Dames must take the journey. The candidates will commence as a novice, progress to the second preparatory step of postulant and then, upon successful completion of their lessons, they will be elevated to the rank of Knight or Dame 
of the Order.

In areas where there may not be an appointed Knight or Dame of the Order, the Sovereign Grand Master may conduct the candidate through the levels of Knighthood via written submissions through the postal service or via electronic mail.

All candidates must submit the following

A completed Petition for consideration

Curriculum Vitae

Passage fees as set by the Order.

In relation to Ecclesiastical, Royal and Noble titles, the Grand Council will accept petitioners claims in good faith but at the same time reserve the right to enquire further into the validity of such claims should we deem it necessary. We simply ask that, as Christian men and women, they we all uphold the virtues of honesty and integrity in these matters.

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